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Green Forest International School










We are an English full immersion international school that is considering introducing a globally recognized elementary education program for international education.

Our goal is to cultivate individuals who can succeed in the increasingly diverse and complex international society. This includes developing their ability to engage in independent inquiry, problem-solving through dialogue with others, and critical thinking to identify and solve complex real-world challenges. Furthermore, we aim to equip them with the English language skills to demonstrate these qualities in a global environment.

We consider it important to develop the life skills that will serve as the foundation for students' futures in a rapidly changing world.

Curriculum: To implement the international education program, we are exploring its potential from multiple perspectives. Our curriculum balances subject-specific learning with interdisciplinary studies, while ensuring that knowledge acquisition is not neglected.

Teaching staff: All of our teachers are native English speakers who understand the characteristics of Japanese students and provide instruction accordingly.

English language learning: We draw upon the accumulated knowledge and teaching methods of our 40 years of experience in English language education to provide tailored instruction to each student's language development process.

We hope that children will have an unlimited future and live freely with passion. We would be happy to help them take their first step towards this goal.

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